Know These Cutesy Themes for an Online Baby Products & Toys Shop

Busy parents these days scroll through different websites and online apps to get things for their kids. They hardly get the time to visit supermarkets or big shops, but all they want is to make their kids happy and satisfied. While eCommerce stores are helping them a lot to get everything from food, clothing to toys and stationeries, the retailers too got a huge opportunity to expand their market reach and sales overnight. However, if you are into the selling of baby and kids products, you need to design your store with lovable themes and elements that would complement it well. Only then a store looks appealing to the eyes of parents and convinces them that you truly have an idea of kids’ needs and have the best items for them.

To make that happen, there are hundreds of baby themes and templates brought by different eCommerce platforms and below are mentioned some of them.

#1 Infant

This is a 100% responsive theme from Magento to suit all infant products, from clothing (girls and boys) to accessories and toys. With straightforward installation, clean design and easy navigation, it also best suits mobile sites. Its playful background and mild colour tones create an ambience of a carefree childhood. Best store features:

List/Grid view for categories
Icon fonts
Language translation (Localisation)
Slider/ banners with real images

#2 Claudine

Designed by OpenCart with love and care for babies and kids, Claudine is a drag and drop responsive theme. Its playful navigation, eye-catchy elements, and superior resolution images help parents to view the products with complete detailing. Key features:

Drag and Drop layout composer
Revolution slider with multilayer, image, video caption and text
Mega Menu with easy drag and drop interface
Products slider
Unlimited colours and fonts
Featured categories

#3 Bambino

It is a responsive WooCommerce theme and comes with advanced features and fancy design for baby stores. Website customisation is simpler with Bambino. It helps to make pages colourful and elegant with catchy elements like Cherry PopUps, countdown timers, product badges, special giveaways (free images based on category), social options, star ratings etc. It makes sites mobile-friendly too!

Some of its exceptional features:

One-click installation
AJAX Filter
Compare and Wishlist
Products Carousel Widget

#4 Kiddo

Again a Magento theme, it is best known for kids fashion items. Site created with it quickly adapts to any devices, irrespective of the screen sizes and do not restrict visitors with respect to the locations. Its exclusive set of features:

Newsletter Subscription Pop-up
Film Slider
Sorting Options
TM AJAX Search
Catalog Images Grid
Featured Products
Special Price Countdown

#5 KidFun

If there’s one template for toys store that can woo the young ones and their parents, then it is KidFun, designed by OpenCart. It is a well-documented and custom-made template that showcases games and toys in pro way. Moreover, intuitive navigation with product quick view and drop down cart offers the buyers a hassle-free shopping experience.

Special features:

Theme Colour Switch
AJAX search
Product Badges
Facebook Like Box
Cross Browser Compatibility
Valid Semantic Code

Babies and kids store themes need to be clean and colourful and must have a mix of elements that can capture the attention of parents. These customised themes and templates adhere to all of these. So, if you have thought of launching such a store, personalise it using one of the above that will best help you represent your products.

E-Commerce Stores Where You Will Find The Best Products For Babies And Young Children

Don’t waste your time searching across several online stores for baby products. This short article reviews two preferred online retailers that stock products for kids of a variety of age groups: The Baby Store and Babies R Us. Each website provides excellent customer service networks coupled with a lot of items to select. Both of them are hassle-free and also easy to navigate. You will definitely find the best suited products for your baby using these reputable online stores.’s Baby Store is a fairly current extension of The Marketplace. It is arguably the best site for baby products, including child car seats, nursery items and a good deal more. The Baby Store is the most innovative company for shopping on the internet with easy to use merchandise sections and dependable distribution systems. The Marketplace was created in ’94 and has enhanced to offer products for a number of distinct niche markets. Jeff Bezos was the founder and it was his wisdom and vision setting that made it possible for this popular site to grow to where it is today. You will find all of the main brand names plus some of the most in-depth customer reviews on the web. You are going to definitely find anything you need without difficulty on this leading online store.

Babies R Us is an extension of Toys R Us and provides products for newborns and toddlers. There are several Babies R Us superstores across the United states as well as their website that offers their products around the world. Users are able to view the Babies R Us website conveniently by means of the primary Toys R Us website and features a similar easy to use over-all experience. The majority of poor quality retail sites have a confusing and time-consuming style and design. This means that it can be really difficult to find what you want. The Babies R Us website contains a wide range of products, and the customer service is fantastic.’s Baby Store and Babies R Us have become the most desirable sources for your child. Each site has a wide variety of products as well as outstanding customer service. Both of them are well-designed and easy to navigate. My spouse and I noticed Babies R Us had steeper price levels than’s Baby Store. This is likely because’s Shop distributes significantly more brands. is also solely on the web, whereas Babies R Us is primarily off-line via regular retail shops. In cases where you can’t get specified merchandise on these two particular sites, you could try Mummy’s Online Baby Shop or maybe Baby Phat Shop Online. No matter what website you use to purchase products for your baby, make certain that the site has a wide array of items, high quality customer care, and an overall enjoyable user experience.

Buying Wholesale Baby Rattles and Accessories Has Many Advantages for Smaller Businesses

Every company is in business to make money and cutting costs is one of the easiest ways to increase profits. But how can you cut costs and still meet the needs and demands of customers? When you are in the baby business, this can seem like a very difficult thing to accomplish. Baby products are naturally expensive to both businesses and consumers. These products are consistently in high demand. Suppliers charge higher prices for baby items because they simply can. Wholesale baby rattles and accessories are one way for your business to cut down costs. Buying wholesale can drastically decrease your product costs and allow you to offer customers great products at a reasonable price. The secret to large retail stores success is often buying in bulk. Wholesale baby rattles and baby items make it possible for these and other businesses to have more flexible pricing. Sales and promotions are much easier and even when a much lower price is offered, your business can still make a profit. Once a customer sees what you have to offer, sales on other more lucrative items are almost guaranteed.

The Advantages of Buying Wholesale Baby Accessories

One of the most obvious and main benefits of buying wholesale baby accessories is reduced product investment. As a smaller business, you have to keep a closer eye on profit margins. Wholesale items make it easier to keep inventory costs low for items kept in stock. The belief that only chain stores can buy wholesale products is a misconception. Any business can buy wholesale baby accessories and goods. Wholesalers have specific requirements that must be met in order to buy these items. The most common are a business license and buying a set minimum amount of each item. Another advantage of wholesale buying is the ability to do business through one provider. It makes it easier to keep track of merchandise and spending. When you do not have a large sales team and multiple resources, this can be a very big benefit. Wholesale buying from one supplier makes things easier and more cost efficient
Wholesale Baby Shower Gifts Provide a Better Selection

When a business has to pay more for the product, the selection is very limited. Wholesale baby shower gifts and products can help you offer a wider range of products that can appeal to a larger customer base. With so many people needing baby stuff at the same time, variety makes a big difference. Mothers-to-be, grandparents, and friends all want to buy something unique for the upcoming arrival. If you only have two bibs, a few blankets, and some generic clothing, you are less likely to make sales. Wholesale baby shower gifts allow you to offer many choices at great prices. Customers can buy an immense variety of products and stay within their overall spending budget. This customer benefit will make your business the top choice for baby shower and new arrival spending. If you are not already buying some or all of your products wholesale, it is time to consider the many advantages this type of supplier can offer and what this wise decision can do for your business.

Tips For Purchasing Baby Products

It can be a little over whelming when you’re looking for any type of mother or baby product and this is even more so for first time parent. My husband and I were in this boat not so long ago, since I’ve now been better informed and am now more knowledgeable I have decided to write the following article to help people purchase the correct baby products from reliable places. I hope my article helps.

What are the main things I need to consider purchasing when having a baby?
The following things need to be considered-
Prams or buggies
Car Seats and Carriers
Cots, Beds and Bedroom Furniture
Nappies, Clothing and Bedding,
High Chairs, Feeding and Sterilising kits
Stair Gates, playpens and monitors
Toys, Bouncers and Swings

Although some of these products will be needed when the baby is slightly older it’s better to know exactly what you need to get.

Things to Consider when Purchasing Baby Products
You need to consider whether the material is suitable for your child, is anything likely to come off from the product fairly quickly. Don’t forget that the baby may choke on these things so all baby products should be thoroughly tested. Look into what tests they’ve done on the product you’re looking to purchase.

If you wish to purchase online then look at customer reviews on the site you wish to purchase from, this will give you a great indication of what the company’s customer service is like along with the products usability.

It’s also worth doing some homework in regards to the different tests done on baby products so that you know what should be expected of a product and whether it has been tested.
Regardless of what you purchase I would recommend looking online for voucher codes to save money on your purchase. Having a baby can be extremely expensive so save money were you can!

Fisher Price Rock And Play Sleeper – Great Baby Product For First-Time Mothers!

New born infants typically spend about 14 to 18 hours each day sleeping, which is why it is important to ensure that they are comfortable. First-time mothers may find it a bit of a challenge to put their baby to sleep especially if the baby is restless. The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper is great to have in your baby’s nursery, as it can serve as a cot and put your baby to sleep with no problem.

Fisher-Price has been providing baby products for infants and children since the year 1993 so you can be assured that their products are of good quality and are tested to be safe for your child. Some of the better known baby products include the Healthy Care Booster Seat, the Space Saver High Chair, and the Soothing Motions Glider.

You can read a detailed review of the Fisher Price Rock And Play Sleeper by clicking on the links at the end of the article. You will also find out where you buy it at discount prices! It is given a high rating by most customer reviews because of the great features and the low price.

The Rock and Play Sleeper serves both as a sleeping cot and a play chair for infants. You can easily rock it to put the baby to sleep at night and it can also serve as a place for him to sleep so you won’t have to transfer him to his crib and risk waking up.

It comes equipped with an inclined seat, which can easily be adjusted, making it perfect for infants who need to have their heads elevated when they sleep. It also comes with a toy bunny to help entertain your little one when he is wide awake.

This Rock and Play Sleeper can accommodate up to 25 pounds of weight, so your baby can enjoy it for a few months before it can no longer support his weight.

A lot of parents have found relief with this product, as its rocking motion makes it so much easier to place their baby to sleep. This product passed all industry safety standards so you don’t have to worry about putting your baby at risk.

All you need to rock the Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper is a gentle push and it will send your baby right to sleep. It even comes with a blanket so you can tuck your baby in at night. Having this sleeper around the house will make it easier for stay-at-home moms to attend to their household chores, as it is very lightweight and portable so it can easily be moved around the house.

You can save your baby’s crib for when he is a bit older as the Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper is much more convenient to use during the first few months of his life. Since it is much more compact, you can easily place it beside your bed so that you can attend to your baby’s needs at night.

The best place to purchase the Rock And Play Sleeper is on the Internet. You can find a detailed review below and where you can buy it at discount prices!

Article Ideas for Promoting Your Baby Products

Your website looks great; your baby products are simply adorable and they’re priced right for the value. Yet you could still use a little more business, right? More and more business owners are using articles to market their web sites.

Do you have a newsletter or blog? If not, you should – and then you should use articles to promote your website and your baby products. Articles are a great tool to remind past, present, and future customers about your products or services.

There are a number of ways to let the articles work for you. Share your knowledge as it relates to baby safety and making life simpler for parents. Present yourself as the baby expert and link your website at the end of your articles.

Here are some topics to get your started – car seat safety, SIDS, comparison of baby bottle systems, making your own baby food, selecting a baby crib or a stroller, baby shower gift giving, necessities vs. wants, when Mom and Dad don’t agree on child rearing, how to handle a colicky baby, help for the older sibling or what about Fido the dog?

Your articles need to inform; not sell. Of course ultimately you want to increase sales, but if your articles read like an ad, you’ll lose credibility immediately. Help the new parents and they will want to do business with you.

Many work-at-home-mom networks and forums have specific days when you can post articles and inspiration. An article informing parents on the importance of checking for recall information on baby products would certainly help promote you and your website.

Promote your articles where your target market hangs out. There is no shortage of SAHM and WAHM sites. Many would love to have your article content on their website. It is truly a win/win relationship.

Guide For Parents to Choose the Best Children Educational Toys

Finding a balance between a toy that entertains and one that educates becomes every parent’s challenge. Toys need to be fun above all so that a child feels delighted when they’re playing and stays interested in the toy. Choosing a toy that stimulates a child in a positive way should also be part of the decision. Safety features, functionality and durability ensure a good purchase and one that lasts. There are a few key factors to consider that help make the choice easier.

What to Consider when Choosing a Toy

Child’s Age: It’s better to buy a toy that a child can grow with instead of one that’s babyish. Kids become bored in a hurry with a toy that fails to challenge their curiosity. Toys are usually rated for a particular age group but most children will appreciate a “big kid” toy if it’s safe for them and makes them feel grown up.

Child’s Preferences: Always think about the child first and what might appeal to them. If they seem to enjoy music, look for beginning level instruments. Active kids need sports oriented items and may not appreciate a book unless it’s filled with exciting images. Girls that love frilly things may be thrilled with princess dress-up clothes while her sister who loves to climb trees would enjoy a jump rope instead.

Appearance of the Toy: Younger children need toys that attract attention with bright colors and cheerful images. Make sure the toy is attractive once the packaging is removed. Action figures and characters from favorite movies inspire kids to start a collection of their own.

Durability and Maintenance: Buy toys that endure rough treatment so that children may play freely without concern. Consider whether batteries are required and can be conveniently changed. Toys manufactured by reputable makers may cost a little more but provide longer durability and the ability to be used by other children in the family.

Function of the Toy: Try to find toys that provide useful entertainment and allow the child to think on their own rather than one that just requires pushing buttons. Toys that allow creativity such as drawing, painting, sculpting with clay or gluing models may seem old fashioned but never go out of style. Kids will enjoy spending some quality time making something on their own. Sometimes simple toys such as soccer balls or a set of building blocks provide hours of fun especially if they are updated with trendy logos or new features.

Safety Issues: Toys made from small pieces may harm toddlers or the younger siblings of older children. Check the labels for components and potential harmful materials and don’t introduce anything into the home that can’t be carefully guarded.

The Rationale Behind Childrens Educational Toy

Children have this natural character to learn. They have this ability to absorb new information and react to a stimulus almost like a sponge. Daily experiences, for instance, are excellent avenued in which children can learn. In this regard, games and play, and consequently the toys that they play with, are very helpful for this purpose. Children’s educational toys therefore, are critical in every child’s learning and development.

This almost insatiable hunger for learning in children, expressed in their natural propensity to play, should not be wasted on toyd without much relevance to their educational development.

While it is true, as some child experts would assert, that any play will serve its purpose in developing the child’s brain and total development, it is equally unassailable that maximizing this natural learning process, is not a bad idea. In fact, it is now an accepted maxim that children’s educational toys should be considered by any couple or individual contemplating of raising a kid.

Regular play will not only give the children their needed physical activities, as would the need of adults to have a daily chore or regular work, but also a venue to develop their personality, emotional capability, and even overall traits, that will help them in coping with the world that they live in as they grow. It is also during play that children develop their creativity, imagination, speech, reading, thinking, problem solving, and even their motor skills.

But children’s educational toys come with a specific purpose, at least in terms of a child’s age. Children up to the age of three will benefit greatly from creative play. Make-believe games are very common in this age-group, so it is best to provide appropriate educational toys. Costumes of their favorite cartoons heroes or heroines should be an opportunity to use as accompaniment for their educational toys.

Educational toys for this purpose can take the forms of teddy bears and other stuff toys, dolls, toys that reinforce arts and craft materials. Toys and other articles that somehow imitate the children’s environment are also beneficial.

Children within the range of four to five years age are more cognitive and need toys that would help in the development of their thinking, problem solving skills, and decision making capability. Educational toys that would serve best this need are arts and crafts with considerable difficulty, like Lego and other construction toys. Puzzles also belong to this group of educational toys.

The Rise Of Childrens Educational Games And Toys

The modern day busy parent tries to compensate for his or her lack of time for his or her children by investing a great deal on education. Thus, it is not a surprise how many of such parents move mountains just to provide their kids entertaining products that not only encourage play, but also instill discovery and learning.

Makers of toys worldwide recognize this growing trend and are, consequently, coming up with new and improved lines of children’s educational toys and games almost every month. What was once limited only to specialty toy and game shops, educational toys and games are now a staple in every children’s oriented stores around the world, even at general mass retailers, like Wal-Mart and K-Mart.

Statistics show that the sales of toys and games have declined over the years. However, educational toys have been on the rise, as more parents opt to purchase products that would give them the most value for their money, as compared to, say, buying Bratz dolls and Hot Wheels.

The record for educational toys was broken in the Holiday season of the year 2000, when toy maker LeapFrog’s LeapPad Learning System electronic reading toy became the bestselling children’s game of the time, helping the company boost its sales by a whopping 120 per cent!

LeapFrog’s success paved the way for other major and small toy makers to come up with educational toys of their own. Jakks Pacific, under its Child Guidance brand, released its own line of children’s educational toys and games following a deal with Baby Genius. Hasbro released its Baby Einstein line and unveiled its preschool units, namely the Baby Einstein Company and Playskool. These new toys encouraged children to dabble in art, music, different foreign and local languages, and even poetry.

The strong demand for educational toys and games for children has urged major retailers, like Toys “R” Us, to allocate shelves upon shelves for these kinds of toys. And because more and more households are transforming into two-income families, it is likely that the demand will grow further as parents seek products that would try to fill their absence during their children’s formative learning years.

With the rise in demand, it won’t be a surprise when the price tag that comes with these educational toys and games will also decrease as the years pass. Right now, these kinds of toys are still a little expensive (though it hasn’t stopped most parents from buying them). In the future, due to the overwhelming interest, educational toys and games will be accessible to everyone.

Why Choose Online Baby Products?

Are you confused as to why you should choose online baby products? Have you been trying to figure out what the difference might be between buying on the web and shopping at your local store? Below you will discover some of the important benefits that this option will provide such as convenience, better choices, as well as providing you with the option of reading customer reviews and performing comparison shopping. With the information you’ll discover here, you’ll be able to quickly take your buying efforts on the web and find the baby items you need quickly and effectively.

More Convenience

One of the most important benefits you’ll find by utilizing this method for purchasing items for your baby will be the convenience. You will be able to easily shop from your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or your workplace. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, you will have the convenience of searching through a variety of different online locations to find the products that you need for your precious little newborn. In addition, you will be able to take as much time as you need when it comes to product selection. You can search through a variety of different locations and find the items you need without worrying about other people getting to those products before you do.

Better Choice

You will have a vast selection of items available to you when it comes to online baby products. You’ll be able to make a selection from a vast number of items that will be available to you, and if you don’t find something you need, you will be able to quickly locate that product at a different location. You are not limited to any one specific baby store on the web. You will be able to spread your efforts through a vast number of locations to find exactly what you need and for the right price. In addition, your selections will not be limited to any particular manufacturer because you’ll be able to compare items and prices over a vast number of companies.

Product Reviews and Comparison Shopping

One of the most important benefits you’ll be able to take advantage of while you are shopping for online baby products will be the benefit of reading product reviews and utilizing comparison shopping. As stated before, you are not limited to any specific manufacture which allows you to choose among many different companies that will be available on the web. In addition, you’ll be able to read many of the product reviews left by other happy moms that have purchased items for their young babies. This will allow you to make a decision based on what other people have experienced by buying that same item.

You don’t have to be confused anymore as to why you would want to choose online baby products. With this information, you have easily discovered why it is more convenient, it will provide you with better choices, and why it will allow you to read what other people are saying about the exact products you are planning to purchase. Now you’ll be able to easily buy items for your child online and take advantage of all the benefits that this opportunity provides for your newborn.